Service Details

Metro PCS USA ( Android Official Unlock App ) all model premium service 5-20 days

Delivery Time : 5-20 days
Price : ETB 2500.00
Details :

Wrong Carrier Imei No refund

Try use app unlock tool unlock,before order.

1.if show "unlock failed,not eligible for unlock"you can order.

2.if show "Server not responding"dont order

(Your Network,firmware or Root Issue)

Once the unlock request is processed, customer needs to

1. connect phone to wifi

2. go to play store and install "Device Unlock" app.

3. open app and select "Permanent Unlock"

Phone will check status from server and reboot.

 Refund Policy:
After Successful Unlock Report if Phone not Unlock we will verify your order.

Finally if phone not unlock Refund Possible Only if this Error:

Unlock Failed: This mobile device is not eligible for unlock.
For device Unlock eligibility details,Please go online or 
contact Customer Care.

To Get refund, we will send you Unique reference to make video Proof.