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LG Unlock Codes Database 1 (Instant)

Delivery Time : Instant
Price : ETB 284.25
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Unlock Decription


1. Insert the sim card which works out your phone


2. Enter 2945#*MODEL#


3. Window appears for the code


4. Enter the code nck received 


5. The phone is unlocked.


Using this service, you get all level code to unlock your LG:














NCK=5775291005644865 NSCK=1100650072142087 SPCK=4636888405472974 CPCK=9464145201879704 SIMCK=9196892980853959


Service information:


Service Results All level of codes Nck,Spck,Simck etc


Delivery Time :


Service is Respected To Delivery code in 5-30 Minutes


However if there is serveroverload please allow upto max 6 Hours to complete the order.


once order is in process strictly No cancellations.


General Information about your LG unlock code


LG GD910


Option 1 method - LG Models


To enter your unlock code, LG phones often require access to a hidden menu first. To access this menu simply enter the digits 2 9 4 5 # * 7 1 0 0 1 #.


1. Insert an original SIM card and turn the phone on


2. Access the hidden menu by typing 2 9 4 5 # * 7 1 0 0 1 #


3. Select 'Menu' and then 'Settings'


4. Next, select 'Security'


5. Select 'Network Provider' and 'Deactivate'


6. Finally enter the Unlocking Code provided. (Please note: Some phones require a slightly different access code - please see the list below if the above access code doesn't work for your phone.)


Option 2 method - LG Models


1. Insert a not accepted SIM Card and switch your LG phone


2. The phone will display *phone restricted*


3. Select Cancel


4. The phone will display *phone restriction code*


5. Enter the Unlock code provided


6. Select OK


7. Your LG will now be now unlocked